One Couple Retreat

A personalized retreat for you and your spouse to feel connected, known, and loved.

Having the same tiring conversations? Are you feeling:




It’s exhausting to be disconnected from your spouse.

Creating a deeper connection is possible. All you need to do is:

1. Book a Retreat

Fill out the three question form to reserve your personalized retreat.

2. Come As You Are

Show up honestly and authentically, we will do the rest.

3. Be Known & Loved

Break through to your marriage and experience it as it’s meant to be.

We were struggling in our marriage. We were managing fine but rarely experienced genuine connection. This retreat helped us pinpoint the source of our disconnection and open the door to a new way of relating. We can now heal, and rest.

– Chris and Jill Sedgwick

What’s Included in a One Couple Retreat:

  • Getaway to a beautiful, secluded riverhouse on the Little Red River with a private pool, paddle boards, firepits, and more.
  • Hospitality curated for your dietary desires and preferences.
  • Private catered breakfasts. Charcuterie style lunches.
  • Personal sessions tailored for your marriage.
  • Years’ worth of relational breakthrough in three days.

Why This Retreat?

Couples often feel too overwhelmed and disconnected to do anything but watch TV for hours at the end of each day. Cedar Rock offers a retreat where you can unplug, break through the disconnection, and experience love in a new and transforming way.

At Cedar Rock we know you want to be loved. In order to be loved you need to be known. The problem is you are too overwhelmed, frustrated, and disconnected from your spouse, which leaves you feeling lonely. 

It’s exhausting to know your spouse loves you but to not experience it.

We believe your marriage was made to be a place of secure love in your life. That’s why we created this retreat to help you break through the disconnection and experience your marriage as it was meant to be. This is how easy it is: 1.) book a retreat, 2.) come as you are, 3.) experience being known and loved.

Book a retreat, so you will stop feeling stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated in your marriage and experience what your marriage was designed to be. 

Retreat Dates

Retreat Pricing

This retreat is valued at $4,200. Due to our many generous supporters, we are able to joyfully offer it to you at $2,400. Supporters of Cedar Rock faithfully give to and pray for this ministry. Their heart is to make retreats as accessible as possible.

For You



We look forward to hosting you!

For a Friend



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We were anxious and stressed out coming into this retreat. To be completely honest, we were a little annoyed to have our hectic schedules interrupted. But by the end of the retreat, we didn’t want to leave! This experience was a total gift!

Billy and Brenda Mckenzie